Saturday, 20 February 2016

Error 53 (Update)

An update released for Error 53

As most of you have probably read Error 53 has been causing a stir in the media and locally, for those that haven't heard about it this error was caused when either the Touch ID sensor or the flex that controls it were changed or tampered with during a third party repair.  My repairs have never been effected by this as I always changed them unless they were damaged.  Well now Apple has released and update to deal with this error.

Apple have released a patched version of iOS 9.2.1 this update won't appear on your phone it is accessible using your PC or Mac.  If you have been effected by error 53 then you can connect the effected device to your laptop and restore using the patched software (the is automatically downloaded as the latest version available) using the standard restore procedure, apple have release instruction on their website detailing how this is done. (Follow the link below)

Apple have also offered reimbursements for customer who have been effected by this error, they have said this this error was supposed be an internal error code and was not supposed to effect customers devices, hopefully this fix together with the Apple response can finally lay this issue to rest.

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