Monday, 1 June 2015

Buyer Beware

Over the last couple weeks I have dealt with quite a number of phones and tablets where either the owner has had go themselves and things have not gone to plan or that they have taken the device to another repair agent and things have not been done to a particularly high standard so what do you need to think about to stop this happening to you?

I started my business by having a go and learning how to repair lots of different phones so if you are prepared to have a go just remember a few things

1) Make sure you get good quality parts, you get what you pay for, cheaper is not always better so make sure you get good quality.
2) The parts in your phone or tablet are tiny, they are easily lost and usually only fit in one place so it is important to remember where  it all goes, 
3) Electric shock can damage delicate electronic components so make sure you protect yourself against this or take precautions to limit how much static you create.

Unfortunately not all repair agents are equal, now I am not saying that I am perfect by any means, but I live and breath technology and after years in the mobile industry I understand how important your devices are and more importantly the information on those devices is, I also understand that we are not always good at backing everything up properly.   Now I need to be clear, I am not pointing fingers, or calling out anyone place in particular I am just pointing out a few things to be careful of. 

1) Is the business insured?  I am fully insured should the worst happen and I have replaced a few devices when things have gone wrong while working on them, would a market stall or similar be covered in such a way?
2) Quality of components, I mentioned this earlier but it is so important, I offer a range of quality from a copy budget style screen to original parts where possible,  this range of quality comes with a range of warranties so it is definitely worth thinking about when you decide what repair to go with.
3) Warranty - I get asked a lot about iPhone 6 repairs, and I recommend that these are taken to Apple as an Apple repair would maintain the warranty where as I or any other independent repair would invalidate it, I have been in competitors of mine when customers have enquired about these repairs and warranty is not mentioned, I have also tried to sort out "mates" repairs as well that have totally destroyed warranty.

As I said earlier I didn't right this post to have a dig at the competition I have written it to give you some things to think about the next time you need a repair, and that hopefully you will better equipped to make the right decision.

As phones and tablets get more complicated so do their repairs, we are happy to advise and also to provide parts and tools if required but please make sure you are confident to have a go and also prepared to take on the risks that go with it.

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