Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Back with a bang!

So I am back from a great holiday in North Wales, we climbed Snowdon and enjoyed all of Wales spectacular scenery.   Just before we left I had a great birthday and my 16th Wedding Anniversary although we didn't get to eat our anniversary dinner until 9:30pm as we were still delivering phone back to customers!

Really cant thank the local communities through the Facebook groups enough for all the support and for spreading the word about me being away and for picking up the odd customer that missed the posts about going away.

Just a few things that i wanted to share on my return as we try to get thing back on track on pick up all the enquiries that came in while i was away, please be patient with us this week while we get everything organised.

Unfortunately due to supply shortages in China the price of screens has increased over recent weeks, on average most screens have gone up by approximately £10, and some white variants have gone up by slightly more.  We have had no choice but to increase our prices in line with these rises,  but rest assured we will monitor this situation closely and keep tour prices as low as we can.

We have also heard from some of our customers this week that one of our competitors who offer screen replacements along side another business doesnt offer a full service, they are advising customers that if they have there iphones with Touch ID repaired by them then Touch ID will no longer work.  I dont really understand why they do this, it probably means they are buying in complete screens home buttons already fitted, this is most likely because their "Technicians" can then just swap the screens out without having to get involved in the more difficult parts of the repair.  The Touch ID sensor is digitally signed to each phone meaning that it wont work with any other phone so whenever I repair a phone with Touch ID I swap it over onto the new screen, that way touch ID, a significant function of the phone continues to work, quite why they do this is beyond me, they seem to prefer convenience for their technicians over doing a complete job for their customers.  Be careful out there, there are plenty of people doing phone repairs now, but not everyone does it properly.

Once again thanks for all the support, glad to be back!

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